Asha's Sunday Chats!

Every Sunday evening (in most places) a few Amigans (and former Amigans hoping for the best) gather to chat and share information on a wide range of topics. Subjects will range from the Amiga (of course) to books, TV, and movies to whether or not aliens have visited our planet.

Come join us on the IRC

The network is ExodusNet

The new servers are:,

The channel is #team*Amiga

The time(s) are each Sunday evening (9:00pmEST-11:00pmEST 2:00am Monday to 4:00am Monday GMT)

For those who can use Java chat, point your browsers at:

I put my cam up Sundays so that you can see me as we chat. If you're using an Amiga, get WebVision Aminet, or, if that's down, email me and I'll send you the latest version I've got). It can live on the same screen (MUI) as AmIRC and is easy to use and setup. You can also see the cam on the Web (using a browser). The cam address is There's always a picture up, but it's only live on Sunday nights.

We have a nice group of friendly folks sharing information, help and humor as we wend our way through the Great Amiga Oddessy.

Hope to see you there!

Please repost this anywhere you find Amigans online!

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