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Enjoyers of New Jersey Amigas

New Jersey's Amiga User's Group!

 Hello, and welcome to ENJA! Our users group is dedicated to supporting our favorite computer, the Amiga, which, for those who don't know, is a machine based around the AmigaOS, Workbench, which is superior in many ways to both the MacOS and Windows, as well as being far easier to use than Unix or Linux.

The club is now set to meet, at the Clifton Memorial Library, in the community room! It is at 292 Piaget Ave, in Clifton New Jersey! Click here for the printed directions.

Our next meeting.....

Will be held Wed. February 7th.

Tony will likely be bringing in a look at the past of Workbench with a 1.4 demo. Also, a demo of Foundation Gold under UAE is a possibility.

I'd like to discuss getting a domain for the group. A domain can be had for as little as $12 or so a year, and would allow us to advertise the site as Think about it, and bring your thoughts to the meeting.


Are you interested in joining in a Sunday evening Amiga chat? Detailshere.

Here are some of the more intersting Amiga links about. If you have any others, please let me know, I'll be happy to include them.

  • Moo Bunny
  • Amiga Network News
  • Software Hut
  • My monster link list. (Which includes a bunch of Linux, and general compter sites as well.

    How about we get some members pages up here. If you have a page, send me the URL in an e-mail, and I'll post it up!.

    Everyone is welcome to attend our meetings, which cover the full spectrum of Amiga computer developments, procedures, and demonstrations. The meetings take place the first Wednesday of the every month starting at 7:30 PM at the Clifton Memorial Public library. Please email Bob or Susan for directions.

    ENJA's President is: Joan Seedorff

    This web space generously donated by A Second Byte Computers.

    Last Updated: Sunday Jan 3rd, 2000 (So, I'm late, sue me)

    If there are any suggestions for improvements on the web page, please email me, Bob.