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murph 's monster link list.

Cartoon Sites

Sabrina Online red meat Glitch Zap the PRAM Strong Bad Email
Kevin & Kell-98.04.21 Funny Farm JOTech Mac Hall Megatokyo
Sluggy Freelance Mutts Fastrack Safe Havens Doctor Fun
Absurd Notions PvP Helen Slow Wave Fur Will Fly
Penny Arcade Rose is Rose speedbump Over the Hedge User Friendly
Doemain Of Their Own Roomies Faux Pas Freefall 99.12.22 Black Tapestries
Commander Kitty G P F FoxTrot Boondocks Nonsequitur
Suburban Jungle Sinfest Ubersoft innes and outies Ozy & Millie

Macintosh Sites

MacNN Forums - MacSlash - Versiontracker - DealMac - PowerLogix - The Woz - MacGIMP Top ten OSX hints

Linux information Sites -
NewsForge -
Starnix -
Freshmeat -
Kuro5hin -
IP Masqing -
Linevents -
Samba -
portico -
Linux on Laptops -
Fear Linux (Mr Arthur)!
Grokking the GIMP
Download Using Samba
Linux Gazette Front Page
Tunnel Vision VPN
GnuPG - The GNU Privacy Guard || How To Teach Web Design
RSA Security | Behind the Patent
Control-Escape: Alternative Software, Linux Help
The Linux HOWTO Index
Eric Raymond's FAQ collection
linuxfusion - linux Montclair Portal
Linux Directory - Search the Linux sites!
Linux Links - The Linux Portal Site
Root Prompt -- Nothing but Unix
OpenText Project - open source in higher education
Paul J. Lucas's PowerBook: Going wireless under Linux
PowerBook G3 1999, WaveLAN, & Airport 1.1
Wireless Linux on PowerPC
Lucent WaveLAN/IEEE and Apple AirPort on LinuxPPC
Yahoo! Groups : wireless Messages :Message 236 of 624

Amiga information Sites
Moo Bunny -
Amiga Network News -
Czech Amiga News
Amigaworld -
Amigascene -
AmiHoo! - -
TotalAmiga magazine-
Team AMIGA -
Amiga realm entertainment
Tekmagic Jumper settings.
New Amiga Links
Jaybee's AmigaInABox!
Saving the Univers from Windows!
Warren Block's Web Page
Offical UGN Webcam site
Amiga Watch by Roger B. Wyatt
Amiga: 2000 - The 15th Anniversary
The Machine That Wouldn't Die
AmiComSys Server
Amiga MetaMonk by Hippie2000
Welcome to OASYS
JavaScript Examples - by Paul
Welcome to the JMS
How to do a WebCam with an Amiga
t h e . n e w t
Introduction 'a l'Amiga
Home Page: Joel Hagen
AmigaWare by ewhac
Laser Stars - Web Site Cons.
Offical CyberGraphX Home Page!
Boy Of The North
CalWeb's Amiga Zone Home Page
History of AMIGA 1987-1993

Amiga Retail Sites

SoftLogik Publishing Corporation
Safe Harbor
Amiga Inc.
(Software Hut Home Page)
Finale Development
Montek Electronics
ClassAct Home Page
GVP Pricelist (I think:)
Silent Paw Productions, Inc. Home Page
The Amiga Apache homepage
Amiga Informer Homepage

Amiga Freely Distibutable Software Sites

Nogfx's Homepage: Stricq Support Page
EMW, Deluxe Galaga and Deluxe PacMan
ICQ for Amiga!
Amiga YAM Homepage
Steve Krueger's Compiler Support Page
Welcome to the Dry Ice Homepage (
Eagleplayer Homepage
Amiga AWT Alpha Page
Aminet at
The Unix Amiga Emulator
Politikill's JAVA For Amiga Page!
DosUAE Home Page
The Official NewIcons Support Site
Amiga ICQ Port Support Page
The Amiga HotJava Porting Project - P'Jami
The Amiga RC5 Team effort
PerSuaSiVe SoftWorX - SuperView and more
Datatypes List Page

Other Computer Sites

Where Microsoft is going
Cooks Laserprinter Troubleshooting
Dr. Dobbs Technetcast
Slay Radio
Atari Adventure
What have you signed up for
TinyApps.Org : Home
A complete illustrated Guide to the PC Hardware
The Computer for the 21st Century
UNIX System
The Tao Of Programming
Fortran Resources
The Dave Haynie Archives
Andreas Kupries Compiled and interpreted languages
SiliconFruit Homesite
Hitachi Displays, Discontinued Monitor Specifications
The Official Cthugha Home Page
Tasty Bits from the Technology Front
WinUAE Home Page
98lite: Windows98 *without* IE
WinUAE Home Page
The Web Standards Project
The Bazaar
Interface Hall of Shame - Windows95
AMD - Choosing a Quality Motherboard
56K Standard Page
Corel Corporation homepage
Customer Support
Free Solaris Promotion for Non-Commercial Use
HTML 3.2 Reference Specification
Motherboard HomeWorld -
Mac OS Rumors
Network Associates Downloads - Download
Opera Software - Opera Winfree! For OS/2, Mac, X11, BeOS and Amiga
Sandy Bay Software's PC Webopaedia - WELCOME!
Stroustrup: Bjarne's Homepage
The AFU & Urban Legends Archive
The Official IRC undernet #newjersey Web Page
C++ FAQ LITE, Marshall Cline
CC8UPDT2.EXE Release Notes (CorelCentral 8 Update 2)
ZDTV | Interact
Aquaria by Jim

Other Computer Retail Sites

Den's Bargains
A Second Byte Computers
LaserImpact Printer Repairs and Parts
MacDirectory Section
United Computer Exchange Corporation
Welcome to ONSALE Online Auction Supersite!
PC Service Source Home Page
Compaq Access - The Locator
Auction Warehouse
Superdisk - Software Drivers
Welcome to Surplus Auction
MicroWarehouse, Inc.
PC Warehouse 1-800 PCSTORE
Bargain Bin
Andy Garage Sale Home Page
Welcome to Macmillan Computer Publishing

Music Sites

lyrics dot - the ultimate online lyrics archive
The Ultimate Billy Joel Page (IE 2.0 Version)
Dan's Billy Joel Page
"Weird Al" Yankovic: The Latest News
Al-oholics Anonymous- The Weird Al Web Page
Oth Net Search Form
SilverSearch MP3 - meta-search engine
MP3 Links -- Verified Daily
WBAI 99.5FM - Pacifica Radio - Listener Supported Community Radio
Fat Chuck's - Corrupt CDs

Humor Sites

the ONION, Number One In News
Random Access
Parking lot is Full
See Figure 1
Changing Workplace
Error 404 -- Document not found!
Bob's Fridge Door lampooning the news and technology
Press Any Key Humor pages
Salon Technology | Silicon Follies
deschall: [Humor] Wheels
The Official Babylon Park Homepage
Hallmark - Shoebox - Funny But No
The Matlab Frisbee Shrine
The Sarcasm Network
The South Park Sound Archive
Joke Of The Day
Space Ghost Coast to Coast
The JAY: We go final Monday!
Le STIM!: Powered by state-of-the-art French silicon!
Dan's Gallery o' Newspaper Idiocy: Holiday Fun!
E N T R O P Y * G R A D I E N T * R E V E R S A L S
My Happy Page
LaughNet - Bringing You The Lighter Side of the Internet
Bill Gates Personal Wealth Clock
Windows 95 & Mac Joke Wallpaper
Humorix: Articles from November 1998
Icon Gallery 1
Internet Oracle Resource Index
JACK the Netshow -+- The Archive of Misheard Lyrics
Suckdot: Porn for Nerds. Stuff that Splatters.
Things People Said
waste vital minutes with the PERPETUAL BUBBLEWRAP
Aliens Ate My Corn Nuts Emile St. Claire Comes to Terms with Her Inner X-Phile
Abandoned Missile Base VR Tour
BigBrother.Net - We are watching...
The SciFaiku Manifesto

Net Resources

Industorious Clock - Web Services - Bandwidth Meter
They have a bandwidth meter too :)
CyberTimes Navigator
Wiretap Electronic Text Archive
WOW! - Where On the Web? Words and Meanings.
TrainingSuperSite Salary Calculator
live camera USA east
Comprehensive product recalls and safety warnings.
Counter4all - The Professional Counter
Douglas Clegg's E-Novel...Naomi
Bookmarklets Home Page - free tools for power surfing
CNET - Web Graphics - Readers Write
Diversity Compliance in Web Design
Deja News - The Source for Internet Newsgroups!
BrowserWatch Home Page
Burbs time zone converter
CIAC Internet Hoaxes
Urban Legends Reference Pages
ICQ - World's Largest Internet Online Communication Network
Information Times - Daily Online Newspaper - USA
Inside Excite: How-To Guide
CNET Features - How To - More Internet speed tweaks: 14 tune-up tricks
Evaluating Internet Research Sources
Evaluation of information sources
How to Complain About Spam, or, Put a Spammer in the Slammer
CNET Features - How To - Tips and tricks for the digital darkroom
Convergence: News service
Data Fellows Anti-Virus HOAX warnings page
Bibliography on Evaluating Internet Resources
Computing Dictionary
Current Time
Hypertext Webster Interface
Tripod: Tools for Life
LocalEyes: Guide
Search Engine Watch: Search Engine News, Search Engine Tips
go2net | MetaCrawler | search
Best Viewed With Any Browser
Welcome to New Jersey Online
Lucent Technologies' Inferno
Welcome to New Jersey Online
Welcome to New Jersey Monthly Online Magazine
Feature Stories
Introduction to HTML: Table of Contents

Education Sites

Computer Institute.
LPI - The Certification Process
The Center for the Study of Technology and Society
The Challenges of Integrating the Unix and Mac OS Environments
SCIENCE HOBBYIST: Traffic Waves, physics for bored commuters
The Java Rules!
TrainingSuperSite Salary Calculator
Cora Research Paper Search
A+ Update News
Obsolete Computer Museum
Virtual Ratings
MindWorks - the premier provider of Technical Training
Transcender Corporation THE source for certification exam prep
Myth and History
O'Reilly Network Doc Searls Abolish Intellectual Property Laws
The One and ONLY Nerd Herd.
UNC MetaLab Presents: April, 1999
Hello World -- The Magazine Written For and by Computer Science Students
LRC Homepage
MLA Style
Montclair State University - Computer Science Club - WebBoard!
Messages for CMPT 280 Class
Tomkyn's Web Place Entrance
Astronomy 120 General Astronomy Links
Montclair State University (MSU)
CMPT Discrete Mathematics
Teaching Logic as a tool
List of MSU teachers and ratings from peanut gallery
Mersenne Prime Search
When, Where, and How to See Comet Hale-Bopp
Morris County (NJ) Library

The Unclassifiable

Towelday-For Douglas Adams
Slackers Guild: What do you want to do half-assed today?
Junkbusters Anti-Telemarketing Script
The Hacker's Diet
Bender's Werewolves in Suburbia
Answering the Howl
Nancy Lebovitz's Calligraphic Button Catalogue
The Irish Times Home Page
Trojan Room Coffee Machine
The Remote Controlled Flying Saucer: [Classification 00-97993X]
NASA Shuttle Web: sts-95
The Libertarian Enterprise, no. 66, February 295, 2000
A.J.'s Greekel Page
News & Views
Star Trek in Sound and Vision
Shaw - Online Magazine is with you.
Digital Addiction: Home
jenniferlynn's Home Page
Kelley Blue Book - Car Pricing Reports, Bluebook Values
Thatcher's Bike Links
The WWW Speedtrap Registry
Bob Grant Web Page
The Right Side of the Web
Northgate review
Northgate Computers WWW Server
Fallen Flag Railroad Photos
STUDIO FOGLIO- Cartoon fun by Phil and Kaja Foglio
AskTog: A Quiz Designed to Give You Fitts
vcl - Index
Welcome to
Strange Things and other Changes

User's Group Sites

Enjoyers of New Jersey Amigas
Lehigh Valley Linux
Slashdot meetups
NCAUG Web Page
Champagne-Urbana Computer User's Group
The User Group Network News E-Magazine
Amiga Omaha News
Welcome to the ACGNJ
Trenton Computer Festival
eGroups : dev-plug
[-dev-plug] Passaic County Linux Users Group
LXNY New York's Free Computing Organization
Amiga Atlanta, Inc. Users Group Home Page - If it's Amiga, it's happening here!

Cam Sites

Ash's All Amiga Cam
Asha's Cam
The GrimmCam
Miami Beach Camera System
Hurricane Floyd Web Cams
Myrtle Beach: Surf Cam
UM Weather: Weather Cams
Roy's Web Cam Page
TeamAMiGA WebCams
Etosha Cam South
The GrimmCam
The GrimmCam

FanTek Sites

Dive into Punkie's Watery Realm
DMS LackeyPit Cam
Solar News
Complete Strategy Gaming
Fandom Is A Way of Life
Convention Listings by Jenga

Sites about OUTSIDE

My Lackawanna Cutoff Page
Traffic Waves
Pete's Bikindex
Walking the Cutoff
Information for Efficiency

Friends' Sites

The Sean-Cam!
Evan's World
A.J. Saveriano
Linc's Page
Skal's Page
Sean Lannon's Page

Game Sites - United Kingdom
SJ Games Home Page
Sirius Entertainment
Wizards of the Coast, Inc.

News Sites

The New York Times

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