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Riding the Lackawanna Cutoff.

Let me give you a little background. My name is Bob Murphy, I enjoy mountain biking, and I'm always looking for new places to ride. This whole little story took place in the summer of 1998. A friend of mine (who I worked for at the time) suggested that I may be able to ride the Lackawanna cutoff, a rail line that runs from Hopatcong, NJ all the way to Pennsylvania, crossing over near the Delaware Water Gap. It sounded like a great challenge. Now, I don't have many friends that are willing to ride like me, so most of the time I am riding alone. So I rode the cutoff in segments. about 10-20 miles at a time. Keep in mind, that being alone, I have to ride a section, and backtrack back to where my car is.
This is a work in progress, so there will be some typos, some mistakes, and a whole lot of usability things that I need to fix, if you have any questions, email me.

The Start - June 26th.
Cut Short - July 2nd.
Greendell - July 9th.
Quest for Water - July 19th.
Backtracking - July 23rd.
Taking a Walk - Aug1st.
Finishing up - August 2nd.

There is probably more to come, I have some pictures that I have taken from some of these locations since then.

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