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Riding the Lackawanna: The end of the NJ trail, and some loose ends.

Ah, the end of the summer is approaching, and the end of the trail.

A shot off of the bridge, toward the Delaware Water Gap.

A shot off of the same bridge, but toward the downstream side.

Same bridge again, looking east(ish)
Another shot of the Water Gap

Shot off of the bridge overlooking Route 80. Facing west)

These three are all shots off of the top of the viaduct.

A shot from the top of the viaduct, looking down on the Paulinskill.

These are shots off of one of the bridges, overlooking the road, I have no idea which one. These bridges are so high, and covered with vegetation. You can pass over a busy road, and not even realize it.

A nice shot of the trail, and the rail bed.

A shot of the support beams at the Blairstown Station. For George.

This is a shot of me, in front of the Johnsonburg? Station. (After a long day of riding) Yeah, it's off center, but I didn't have a tripod at that point, I balanced the digital camera on the trunk of my car, set the timer, and ran to where I thought it was pointed. Not so bad considering, eh?

A shot of a tunnel. The cutoff runs over the top.