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Riding the Lackawanna: Walk around a bit. Greendell and the Paulinskill Viaduct

George, a good friend of mine, and a train buff, was the guy that got me started with all of this. I wanted to show him some of what I had seen, so we took a ride, you'll see a few shots of his son Zack, an his wife Ellen.

Here is the switch house at Greendell.

I took a couple of picutres of these, to ask George what they were, it turns out that they are control rods to change the tracks for different trains, this was a place where a few lines could be switched.

Here is a track support, and Zack standing next to a track support

Ok, these two have nothing to do with anything, my attempts to take pictures out of a moving car. I don't even recall WHY I took these shots.

Three shots looking up at the Viaduct. I'll have shots from the top of it in the next series.

Tried to get a shot of the moon through the trees.

A picture of Ellen looking out over the Paulins Kill, and a picture of Zack, under the viaduct

Two shots looking up at the viaduct.

This is a better shot, but it still doesn't really express the height of the thing.