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Riding the Lackawanna: Backtrack through the Roseville? tunnel.

This day started off at Roseville (near Andeover) and backtracked to see if there was anything I messed, and boy was there.
Does anyone know if this is really the name of this tunnel?

I thought that I would have quite a bit of riding to do before I got there, but the tunnel was only a mile or two east of where I started.

The light at the end of the tunnel. (And the light at the OTHER and of the tunnel.)

Two shots of the inside of the tunnel, it was really dark, so I'm suprised we can we anything at all here.

Two shots of one side of the tunnel, you can see it is carved right out of the rock.

Chioces, choices, ride in the water, or on the railroad ties.
Looks like a panel for electrical connections, or communications equipment.

Another switch house, not sure what this is. Stop? For who? A little bit of history.

Here are a few shots of antoher bridge, over Roseveille Road.

This shot shows a good look at the ballast that makes up a lot of the trail in this area. The rocks are large, but loose, and it is absolutley brutal to rise on (or in, as you can see the way the tires sink in)

More shots of the trail

This is the bridge That we started at in cutshort

Miles and miles of that loose ballast, killer!