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Riding the Lackawanna: Greendell to Blairstown, and the surprise station.

Well, a bit more planning would have made this a much more pleasant experience. As I left I realized that I had a nice bottle full of water, sitting on the edge of my bathroom sink. Not too useful. This ride quickly turned into a search for water, which made for a rushed and less enjoyable ride.

Here's a shot off of the cutoff, not a bad view, but the picture came out a bit less then optimal.

As I went along, I found a station that was a bit of a surprise. I saw most of the other stations on a map, but this one was not on them, but is obviously here. I think the location is green township, but I'm not completely sure. It is off of Kerr's Corner road, easily accessible from the road. Here are a few shots of it.

Here's another structure near the station. Not sure what this is, perhaps a building for staging shipping. The face of the building is there, and the rest appears to have deteriorated.

A few shots of the trail, and one overlooking one of the tunnels, and the road below.

Finally! The Blairstown station. It looks to be in good shape, but abandoned. If you look through the windows, the inside is finished, but vacant. The support beams even look good. There is also another small building, not sure what this is, but it is marked as being for rent (In case someone wants to move in, I guess.

A few shots of the trail. Just east of the station.

A few more shots of the station, taken after driving there after the ride.

More shots of the trail.

This is the bridge the goes over the cutoff just east of the blairstown station.

A real nice shot of the trail, you can see the track bed on the left.

Here's a shot of the station, and my car, the one that allows me to get to all of these places. Can't ride the whole cutoff in one shot, after all!

I took a picture of theis sign, hoping to make it easier to find later, but the sign was knocked down the next week!