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Riding the Lackawanna Cutoff - Roseville to Greendell

Here's a shot off of the cutoff overlooking the surrounding area.

Here's a shot of my bike, and a railroad spike that I managed to kick up against the frame with a loud "clank" I'm glad that this didn't end up like many, many rocks along the way in bouncing off of my shins on these rides.

Two nice shots of the track bed.

The switchtower at Greendell station is not in bad shape .

The doors are gone though, and I had a chance to take a few shots from the inside as well as the outside.

A shot from the end of what looks like a loading platform, looking toward the Greendell station. And an odd shot of an old utility pole.

Here's a shot from the same platform as above, but facing in the other direction, toward the swtichtower.

Here are a bunch of shot from the inside of the Greendell Station. It appears to have been restored, and subsequently vandalized. There are new windows frames, with the glass broken out of them, as well as new doors and doorjambs, which have been kicked in. There are also new beams inside and out. You can see in the last picture that there is tile inlayed in the floor.

Here are a few shots of the bridge right near the station, as well as the signal tower.

Here's another shot of the outside of the station.

And one last shot off of the cutoff, on the way back to Roseville.