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Riding the Lackawanna Cutoff - Cut short, for want of a patch kit.

This is the only ride that I took anyone else along on. A friend of mine, John Brooks, took the ride with me, on my spare bike. This was a stroke of luck, because I managed to get a flat about 7 miles out from where we started. Luckily, I was able to borrow the bike back, so that I could ride back quickly, and get the car to drive around and pick him up, waiting by the side of the road. Well, that convinced me to go out and pick up a good pump, and patch kit. That would have been a really long walk back to the car.

Here are a few views of the track bed.

This is a view off of the cutoff, overlooking one of the bridges in Byram, looking toward Wolf lake if I'm not mistaken.

Here are few views of one of the smaller buildings. This one's not in bad shape.

Here's a view off of the cutoff. Unfortunately, the view is not that great, and photographs lousy.

One more shot of the tracks.

These shots are of a small structure that are right off of the access path by the road. I'm not sure they have anything to do with the railroad, but of course that seems likely.